A Pain in the Neck

June 12, 2010

What causes neck pain and how can it be treated?

  • Poor posture is a major source of neck pain. This may be ongoing bad habits of posture, or it may be from a long period of sitting or standing in an uncomfortable position — maybe hunched over a computer or workbench.
  • Muscle strain can cause neck pain when you spend a long time driving or carry something heavy over one arm or make a sudden extreme movement in a tennis game.
  • Age and arthritis can can damage to the joints and discs in the neck.
  • An injury to the neck can result from whiplash in an auto accident or similar traumatic situation.
  • There are also diseases that cause neck pain. If neck pain is accompanied by fewer, swelling, inability to use the arms, or other symptoms that interfere with daily functions, medical attention is needed.

At Innovative Spine Rehab, we work with you to develop a routine of exercises that will help you strengthen the muscles that support the neck, improve your posture, and restore muscle function. Decompression and laser therapy are other options that we may recommend.

We’ll prepare a regimen that you can work on at home to get lasting relief from neck pain.



  1. The causes and treatments provided here are just brilliant. A must-read article!

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